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Kirsten Brooks

The Brain Health Nutritionist

BSc (Hons) DN Med (Dist) mBANT CNHC

With 18 years’ experience as a registered nutritionist, Kirsten Brooks is an EXPERT in BRAIN function, as well as mental well-being, hormone balance & gut health. She has helped hundreds of chronically ill and/or stressed individuals thrive with personalised, science-based nutritional & lifestyle medicine - that takes away the guess work.

Precision Nutrition
Health is multi-faceted and integrative medicine focuses on the whole person and root cause. As a practitioner using functional medicinewhich recognises that all systems in the body work harmoniously rather than independently, she addresses underlying causes for dis-ease with an individualised nutrition plan & scientifically proven natural medicine. Cutting edge lab testing can accelerate the process (where appropriate) and Kirsten can even identify and potentially target genetic factors – see nutrigenomics.  



Conscious of our busy lives, Kirsten uses a collaborative approach to create a plan which is realistic - even for those who aren’t fans of cooking. And as an experienced health coach, she can help you overcome barriers otherwise hindering your success, always encouraging a balanced relationship with food.  

Getting no answers from conventional medicine?

  • Are you exhausted, stressed, burnt out or overwhelmed? Is your mental health suffering?

  • Do you have ADHD or autism, or poor concentration/ brain fog? 

  • Perhaps you have chronic fatigue or chronic pain, e.g. migraines or fibromyalgia? 

  • Can’t shift belly weight? Thyroid or blood sugar problems? 

  •  Have gut issues causing you distress?

  • Maybe blood tests appear normal, but you don’t feel yourself? Or you have given up hope of ever feeling better?



  • Do you have PMS or PMDD? Or hormone issues such as polycystic ovarian syndrome? Or perhaps you’ve got peri- or menopausal symptoms- affecting your mood, brain function or well-being?

A diagnosis is not a prognosis

Kirsten has recovered from debilitating health issues herself and empowered her clients to do the same. By balancing the nervous system, brain function & hormone balance – all often compromised by stress, her tailor-made plan will enhance resilience & wellbeing, lowering inflammation and other imbalances, associated with chronic illness. For those who can’t shift their belly weight or have thyroid or other metabolic issues, Kirsten’s plan will also support hormonal health, reducing blood sugar issues, cravings & emotional eating. And emphasis will always also be put on gut health as the brain and gut are deeply connected.  


To book a free introductory chat, click here. Or contact the clinic to book a consultation online or in person.
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Stress & Burnout

Brain & Mental Health

Gut Health


Chronic Fatigue

& Pain

Weight & Metabolism
Blood Sugar & Biological Ageing

Vegetarians & Vegans



Let Food be thy 


I started using Kirsten's services about 5 years ago after many visits to consultants and GPs who couldn't offer me much in terms of help with my brain fog, fatigue and anxiety. Since following her advice, I now feel like a completely different person. Kirsten has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and is always keeping up to date with the latest information. I would highly recommend her refreshing approach to health.

V. Sinkinson

I was suffering badly from depression and anxiety that was really debilitating but since help from Kirsten, changing my diet, adding in tailored supplements and upping the visits to the gym, my depression and anxiety has totally lifted. I am so grateful to Kirsten that I can feel myself again


I have suffered with IBS in varying forms for well over thirty years. Kirsten arranged laboratory stool testing for me which identified several imbalances and with this knowledge was able set up a staged dietary plan which also included gut supporting supplements to treat an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria and inflammation. I now suffer no longer and thank Kirsten for relieving me of my daily fight with IBS.



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