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LAb Tests

Why use lab tests?

Fed up with feeling rubbish? TEST NOT GUESS!


Diagnostic tests can often explain long-standing symptoms and accelerate the healing process through focused plans. They can also be used preventatively.

Specialist laboratory blood tests can establish nutrient deficiencies as it is not wise to take vitamins and minerals long-term, without any professional guidance. This is because it can create imbalances and excesses that can be potentially detrimental. Kirsten has a food-first approach, making sure the fundamental eating habits are in place first but also will prescribe evidence-based supplements where needed.


Examples of tests include cortisol testing, gut tests such as microbiome (stool) analysis, breath tests for small intestinal bacteria overgrowth (SIBO), mitochondria testing, toxicity screens and screening for non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. Plus, hormonal tests such as the Dutch test and thyroid tests (which are all more comprehensive than on the NHS) are frequently ordered.  

She also offers cutting edge nutrigenomics testing (through the labs - Lifecode GX and Nordic Lab’s DNA health) which can help determine how your genetics may impact your brain health, neurotransmitters, hormones, thyroid, weight/metabolism, energy production, pain sensitivity, fertility and so on. And then Kirsten can implement specific targeted modifications based on these labs evidence-based research on how to down-regulate genes.

Lab Tests
Science Lab

Lab test costs vary and are charged in addition to consultation fees and are optional. All lab tests will be discussed in detail and costs explained.


Not everyone requires or is able to afford private lab testing (although many are inexpensive). Kirsten may also recommend specific blood tests which are available on the NHS and can write to your GP, where necessary. And you may also bring your NHS results along to consultations. Kirsten then prescribes supplements.

Here are examples of the private laboratory tests Kirsten may order for you:
  • Cortigenix COT (Cortisol Over Time) test

  • Genova’s GI Effects (gut microbiome test and key digestive markers)

  • Genova’s Metabolomix (nutrient requirements, energy production, inflammation, toxins, methylation, neurotransmitters oxidative stress)

  • Genova’s Rhythm (hormone balance)

  • Viva health’s specialist panel- Kirsten Brooks Stress profile, to determine nutrient deficiencies & other imbalances caused by stress

  • Viva health’s specialist panel- Kirsten Brooks Vegan profile, to determine nutrients deficiencies common in vegans

  • Viva health’s urine test to rule out pyroluria

  • Lifecode Gx & Nordic Lab’s DNA - nutrigenomic testing- neurotransmitters, metabolic, methylation, hormones, pain, fertility etc. See here for further information about this targeted, inexpensive, nutrigenomic testing.

  • Thriva – various panels created by Kirsten, including vitamin D, active and total B12, folate, ferritin, HbA1C, cholesterol, liver function, thyroid profile including T3 and antibodies, hormone tests and PCOS pinpick testing

  • Regenerus’ Dutch test (hormone balance)

  • York Test (food intolerances and food allergies, and menopause test)- pinprick test

  • Omega Quant’s Omega 3 and complete fatty acids test- pinprick test

  • AONM mitochrondria testing

  • GlycanAge- biological age test to measure your unique response to lifestyle change promote healthy ageing and to prevent chronic disease

  • Invivo’s Female Ecologix (vagina microbiome) & Oral Ecologix (oral microbiome)

  • Cyrex’s digestive and neurological tests

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