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london nutritionist

HELLO! I am known as the brain health nutritionist due to my professional expertise (18 years) in and my lived experience of burn out & mental illness. I experienced an acute post-natal mental illness in 2010, have overcome PMDD (a severe form of PMS since my teens) and post-viral fatigue (I was bed ridden for 6 weeks in 2007).

But it was severe weight gain and PCOS in my 20’s which first ignited my interest in nutrition. Having since overcome my own debilitating struggles, it’s become my life’s passion to help people get better using nutritional psychiatry & personalised nutritional medicine.


I understand the devastating effects of chronic stress (stress is regulated by our brain, adrenals and the neuroendocrine system) on areas such as our brain function, mood, resilience, hormonal health, vitality & pain, metabolism & longevity. And not to mention on our gut health. A healthy gut is paramount for a healthy brain and vice versa!!


I’m registered with British Association for Nutrition (BANT) which sets the standard of excellence in science-based personalised nutrition & lifestyle medicine. I have expertise in female hormonal health including carrying out a study on the effect of diet and supplementation on premenstrual syndrome for my dissertation in 2005.


I help save patients’ time, money & energy navigating their health. As a busy, working mum, now 48 (in perimenopause but doing well!), of 2 pre-teen boys, I am aware of the demands & pressure of modern life. So will make sure the changes are practical & sustainable. A well-nourished brain & body is more resilient & better equipped to face these challenges & has the fuel to get you into a positive cycle of self-care.


My goal is always to empower & treat those suffering the ill-effects of chronic stress & those seeking to protect & optimise their health. My manner is warm, compassionate, down-to-earth & non-judgemental. I can work with your GP (or where relevant- consultant/psychiatrist) for integrated healthcare creating a plan that’s safe with medication (where appropriate.) You can, and deserve, to feel better.

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