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The brain health nutritionist

HELLO! I am known as the brain health nutritionist due to my professional EXPERTISE in BRAIN HEALTH, mental health, hormonal balance, gut health, weight-loss % emotional eating (18 years in clinical practice) & because of my own health journey - find out more below.

I have a BSc Hons degree in nutritional medicine (2006). I am registered with the British Association for Nutrition (BANT) which sets the standard of excellence in science-based personalised nutrition & lifestyle medicine. I am also very experienced in female hormonal health, undertaking a small study on the effect of diet and supplementation on premenstrual syndrome. Alongside my clinical practice, I spent 5 years working as the nutritional expert for a London-based food supplement company.

What I can do for you
I help people save time, money & energy navigating their health. As a busy, 49-year-old working mum of 2 preteen/teen boys, I am well aware of the high demands placed on us by modern life. Subsequently, the plan will be practical & sustainable, coaching you along the way. I will also teach you some of the lifestyle hacks that keep me and my brain healthy, and that also minimise comfort
My goal is always to empower & help those suffering the ill-effects of chronic illness & those seeking to protect & optimise their health, and for those who wish to manage
their weight and have a better relationship with food. An imbalance from chronic stress impacts our brain function, mood, resilience, hormonal health, vitality & pain perception, metabolism & longevity & creates more cravings. It also adversely affects our gut & a healthy gut is paramount for a healthy brain & vice versa!!
Furthermore, rectifying nutrient deficiencies & health imbalances, & being well nourished, makes you more resilient & better equipped to face these challenges. And it provides the fuel to get you into a positive cycle of self-care.  My manner is warm, compassionate, down-to-earth & non-judgemental. I can work with your GP (or consultant) for integrated healthcare creating a plan that’s safe with medication (where appropriate).

My story
I decided to undertake a nutrition degree (my second degree) in my 20’s when I was feeling miserable due to severe weight gain I couldn't shift from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). And even before that, I had (undiagnosed) ADHD & my life had been blighted by PMDD (the two often co-exist) - premenstrual dysphoric disorder which robbed me of a week of every month since my teens. None of which doctors were able to help with.
Then in 2007, whilst also completing my nutrition training, I took on too many simultaneous projects - typical behaviour of an impulsive ADHD brain, doing up our first property and organising our wedding. And with a strong genetic vulnerability, I had a severe mental health crisis & burnout. I experienced depression, anxiety, culminating in 6 weeks being bedridden with post-viral fatigue & fibromyalgia (a chronic pain disorder).
Finally, in 2010, after 3 preceding miscarriages, plus a very traumatic pregnancy & delivery, I experienced an acute postnatal mental illness, being hospitalised ten days after my first son was born (unfortunately bipolar runs heavily on one side of the family.) 
I have overcome these traumas and debilitating struggles, with no more PMDD - despite being in the midst of the perimenopause. And in my spare time, I captain a netball team.
It’s become my life’s passion to help people get better with tailored evidence-based nutrition, functional medicine & nutrigenomics using all my clinical & personal experience, plus a constant thirst for knowledge.

You can & deserve to feel better.

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