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All consultations can take place via Zoom or in person at my practice.

Free Exploratory Chat


15 Mins

We can talk about your health challenges and what has brought you to consult a nutritionist. I approach this as an informal chat about your current health issues and basic diet and answer any questions. The aim is for me to see if I can help you. If so, then I can advise you of the next stage. 

The free 15 min chat is over the telephone.


Initial Consultation


60-75 mins

You will be emailed a questionnaire to be filled in prior to the initial consultation.


  • In depth case analysis & health assessment

  • Personalised nutritional program

  • Individual supplement & lab testing recommendations where appropriate

The nutrition plan is emailed to you within 48 hours of the first consultation

Your plan could just entail specific tweaks, whereas some conditions may warrant a more intensive programme. But don’t be daunted at the prospect of making drastic dietary changes and having to cook elaborate meals. I will make practical suggestions provide shopping lists and recipes if required. I know that asking too much of my clients might be counter-intuitive if stress is part of their health picture, so a balanced, pragmatic approach is often required. 

Your own health goals, stress levels and relationship with food (where relevant) will be taken into account.

Lab tests may also be suggested to ascertain particular deficiencies or imbalances in your body. These will be agreed, organised and billed separately but are never compulsory. See lab tests information

All consultations can take place via Zoom or in person at my practice.


Wellness Package


1 x Initial Consultation

60-75 mins | 2 x Follow Ups

  • One 60-75 minute in-depth consultation

  • In depth case analysis & health assessment

  • Personalised nutritional programme

  • Personalised supplement protocol and lab testing recommendations where required

  • Plus 2 x 45-60 minute follow up appointments
    Save £15 on single appointments

Payment must be made when the initial consultation is booked, the date for the follow-ups don’t need to be arranged at the outset. This package also makes a great gift or may be suitable for someone who needs a dietary overhaul or has a chronic condition they wish to tackle with ongoing support.


Follow Up Appointments


45-60 Mins

In the follow-up consultations (usually 3-6 weeks later) we discuss progress, I answer questions and provide the next stage to your protocol with further enhancements to your plan and supplementation. I may also review any test results, whilst providing continuing support, encouragement and expert guidance.

And good health is certainly not just down to eating well, you also need to move, rest and sleep. Factors that will be discussed, where relevant in follow-ups, as an integrated approach to health is paramount.

4 pack.png

Follow up Package


3x45-60 Mins Follow Ups

3 x follow up appointments to check progress and make changes to your plan, provide supplement recommendations, assess lab results, discuss lifestyle and provide personalised ongoing support and guidance

Saving £15 on single appointment bookings 


Joint Consultations


1.30 Mins - 1.45 Mins

Sometimes, clients want to attend as a couple or to talk about their entire family's health and diet. Please contact me for further details, should you wish to have a consultation like this, perhaps for a general dietary overhaul, or for general health optimisation or perhaps for a couple looking to conceive, who want to make dietary changes together.

If you both have complex health pictures, you will derive more benefit from separate consultations.

Lab tests vary and are charged in addition to consultation fees

Diagnostic tests can often explain long-standing symptoms and accelerate the healing process through focused treatment. Specialist laboratory blood tests can also establish nutrient deficiencies as it is not wise to take vitamins and minerals long-term, without  professional guidance. This is because it can create imbalances and excesses that can be potentially detrimental.​  Any laboratories used are scientifically accredited and include Biolab, Thriva, Genova Diagnostics, Invivo healthcare, Lifecode Gx and Regenerus.

All lab tests will be discussed and costs explained.


Corporate Health

Talks and seminars geared towards health in the workplace

As a qualified health practitioner with 17 years clinical experience I'm able to provide engaging talks to corporations on many areas of interest; such as healthy eating, weight management and how simple changes to our diet can increase mood and productivity at work resulting in fewer sick days, and the prevention of chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. My main specialism is giving seminars on the area of stress, burn-out and mental health. 


Get in touch to discuss how I can tailor a seminar for your company.

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