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In one year of seeing Kirsten every 6 weeks I lost just under five stone. I’ve been overweight ever since I can remember, and had tried everything from slimming world, fasting and prescribed medication. I was even offered bariatric surgery after seeing a specialist about sleep apnoea. In my mid-twenties I was diagnosed with PCOS, but never really understood how much this would affect my health other than to potentially have issues with pregnancies. Kirsten has guided me through the impact PCOS has on weight - the foods to avoid and the foods to incorporate into everyday. My diet has changed and I’m feeling fuller, more energised and happier from it, and it’s easily incorporated into every day. Kirsten has genuinely changed my life and relationship with food and my body.

Amy H.

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Kirsten has quite simply changed our lives. Our 12 year old daughter has autism, ADHD and anxiety disorder. She was having panic attacks every morning before school and managing 2/3 days a week and homework in core subjects only. Now she is doing 5 days a week and all homework, doesn't mind going to school and has a lovely set of friends. Family life is still challenging, but overall much calmer. In addition the chronic constipation and pain that she suffered from for years is hardly an issue now. The sessions with Kirsten have been worth every penny! 

S. Hamilton


Kirsten has been a really powerful influence on my health improvement journey. She knows her domain of nutrition and has provided me with fantastic advice and guidance. At the same time, she’s holistic in her approach, listens openly to my personal goals & wider concerns and shares practical advice and introductions. This is helping me in improving physical, mental health and balance. I highly recommend consultations and support from Kirsten.

Sridhar Sharma


I started meeting with Kirsten regularly in September 2022, and she has been absolutely crucial in advising on key changes in my diet, which resulted in a new lifestyle really: lost weight, improved health, higher energy levels, and she also sorted an eczema which no one was able to cure for decades! Kirsten is fantastic in showing how wellness is connected to balanced, healthy diet. I absolutely recommend her if - like me - you are going through a phase of hormonal changes, stressful lifestyle, and difficulty balancing everything on the metaphorical plate! She will show you the way!

Eleanora C


I’ve had regular ocular migraines for the past 10 years which wipe me out for a day or 2 and are debilitating.  Since taking the supplements Kirsten prescribed for me over a year ago I have only experienced one mild one.  It’s such a relief to feel they are under control.

Kate L.


Seeing Kirsten was life-changing. Before, I would always revert back to bad habits. Understanding why I felt the way I felt, looking at the individual pieces, then looking at how to make things better - was an incredible feeling. I lost the weight I had carried from my mid-40's into my 50's. Weight that I thought I just had to put up with - being the age I was. It is liberating - feeling comfortable in social situations, feeling more myself, without wondering if I can get away with still wearing my coat. My energy was on the floor - now my professional and personal life is manageable. I feel I am in control again. Kirsten is inspirational. Talking and sharing with her is easy. I think every individual - adult and child - would benefit from seeing her. 

F. Lewis


I followed Kirsten’s advice and my sleep has improved so much. Thank you.

Kate B


When I hit my 40s my PMT became so severe and debilitating that it seemed like premenstrual dysphoric disorder. I tried contraceptive implants to level out my hormones but that just made me feel depressed all the time and although the mini pill helped, I then got 2 periods a month! Kirsten recommended, alongside dietary changes, that I take a few supplements including a daily saffron extract supplement as studies have shown that this can help with PMT and mild to moderate depression, which I’ve been taking for several months now and, during that time, I've not experienced any severe PMT. I am so grateful because, hands down, it's changed my life.

Rachel A


Kirsten’s help for me over the past few years has been invaluable. She is attentive, knowledgeable and thoughtful. I came to her with fatigue, bloating and issues with my sleep and methodically we went through each issue and discussed how to solve each one. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their well-being & overall health. 

Tom B


I was suffering badly from depression and anxiety that was really debilitating but since help from Kirsten, changing my diet, adding in tailored supplements and upping the visits to the gym, my depression and anxiety has totally lifted. I am so grateful to Kirsten that I can feel myself again.

G Steures


My 11 year old son suffered severe fatigue for three months after a bout of Covid and had to have a lot of time off school. Kirsten put together a supplement regime and dietary plan to aid his recovery supplying us with the latest research and information on long covid care when we were struggling to access help elsewhere. We are hugely relieved to see him back to his normal self again after a very difficult few months. I highly recommend Kirsten's services.

Lucy M


Having helped my daughter, I contacted Kirsten regarding my type 2 diabetes of 7 years. Having tried hard alone with 2 prescribed medications and my own diet and exercise routines my HbA1c was still raised. I never appreciated how much science there is to nutrition!! Kirsten explained in detail how to avoid sugar spikes during the day through a dietary plan with practical changes specifically suited to deal with and control type 2 diabetes. After only 2 months of Kirsten’s plan and experience, my HbA1c level dropped to 41mmol (within the normal range!!). I had potentially reversed my diabetes. My delighted GP confirmed that I could stop one of my long-term medications, with a potential to reduce the second one in a few months, if we can maintain this level with her ongoing support which has been so valuable to my health thus far. I would highly recommend her. 



I went to see Kirsten having being diagnosed with high level of insulin resistance after two years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive. I was being prescribed metformin as an interim measure but was keen to try a more natural approach to lower my levels and lose some weight. Kirsten suggested lots of ways to adapt my diet and advised me of several supplements to take. The results were obvious to everyone - I continued to lose weight, look and feel more healthy and my blood sugar levels returned to normal. I am now seven months pregnant and Kirsten's advice on diet and supplements to stay as healthy as possible during my pregnancy has been invaluable.



I’ve had astonishing results from my sessions with Kirsten. The almost immediate effects of some tweaks to my diet and the supplements she has put me on have taken me from napping every single afternoon for ten years [from chronic fatigue], to not napping at all ever. I’m so grateful for having this time back. I have also experienced a huge reduction in back and leg pain and my restless leg syndrome seems to have also disappeared. I would highly recommend Kirsten’s very carefully thought out and entirely bespoke advice.



I was suffering from low energy, tummy aches and bad moods, following my consultation and improvements to my diet I learnt that my ailments and mood swings were almost all due to my eating habits. I have so much more energy now and I can’t recommend a consultation enough.



I had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back in 2008 and suffered quite badly throughout my subsequent pregnancy and after the birth of our son, 2009. I reached out to Kirsten in 2012 as I wanted to find a way to control the condition naturally and was fighting not to have to go on steroids. At the time I was also suffering from severe depression following a breakdown. Kirsten was fantastic! She is such an approachable and honest individual and made it so easy to chat about the challenges I was facing.

From our initial discussions it was thought that it was possible that my depression could be linked to poor gut health, After extensive bloods and other tests, and thorough research and discussions with experts, Kirsten was able to narrow down and design not only a maintenance program for when my condition was dormant but one for when I was in flare up. She not only saved me from being put on steroids but she also gave me the strength and conviction to control it with diet and natural supplements. Something my Gastroenterologist pretty much laughed at, when I suggested it. 


Subsequently, I have not had a major flare up since 2014 and I am no longer suffering from depression. I am so grateful for Kirsten for all her help. She is always my ‘go to’ person for advice and has also gone out of her way to help my mother, who’s health suffered a little after losing my sister. Kirsten is an incredible human being and so passionate about her vocation in looking after peoples’ health’.

E Dally


Kirsten is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. She has a genuine desire to help people improve their health and happiness, using her wealth of knowledge and experience. She helped me identify areas of potential concern in mine and my daughter’s vegan diet - easy to remedy but only if know about it! Kirsten’s professional manner and sunny personality make her a pleasure to consult.

K Bradshaw


Many thanks for the information and advice that you sent through last week (about optimising a vegan diet). It's really helpful and I'm enjoying my new regime - and feeling better already.



I first contacted Kirsten in Sept 2012 to seek her help in trying to conceive. I had suffered for many years with PMS, possible under-active thyroid, joint pain, depression, anxiety and IBS in spite of repeated trips to the GP. We were also trying for our first baby as older parents (37/42). Following consultation, Kirsten cleaned up my diet and prescribed a program of supplements. In so doing Kirsten remedied my health issues, helped me shed excess weight and balanced my hormones. I felt better than I had done in years. I had tried mainstream diet programs in the past which had left me hungry and hormonal.


We conceived 6 months later and we now have a super healthy 8 month old. Kirsten continued to advise me during pregnancy and latterly post-partum, tweaking my supplementary requirements as necessary. She is very committed and professional in her practice which is delivered in a gentle, kind and authentic way. Her advice is thoroughly researched and tried and tested. I feel we wouldn't be the lucky parents we are now if it wasn't for Kirsten.

L Bradbury


I would like to thank you for your help in restoring health to our family. Olivia is the healthiest she has ever been since her cancer treatment and no longer complains daily about a sore tummy and thrush and I am much healthier and happier since changing my diet and taking the supplements you suggested.

Finley's change of diet and supplementation has dramatically diminished his autistic behaviours and improved his bowel problems and I am particularly grateful for advising me to be patient and not give him too many supplements at once in a rush to make him better! Thanks for your ongoing advice and support.  ​E
at Yourself To 



I started using Kirsten's services about 5 years ago after many visits to consultants and GPs who couldn't offer me much in terms of help with my brain fog, fatigue and anxiety. I didn't want to go down the anti-depressant route as I prefer to tackle things naturally where possible. Since following Kirsten's advice I now feel like a completely different person. Kirsten has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and is always keeping up to date with the latest information. I now see her services as an invaluable part of my long-term self-care plan and would highly recommend her refreshing approach to health.

V Sinkinson


I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2000, by which time my weight had ballooned to 13 and a half stone and was unable to shift it no matter what I tried. I was prescribed Metformin, but eventually it stopped working.

Kirsten clearly explained to me the relationship between insulin resistance and PCOS. Initially I didn't believe my diet could have been the problem at all as I had mostly given up food altogether in an attempt to lose weight! The first thing she did was to work out a workable plan for me to eat regularly, which included a number of foods that I could eat which satisfied my sweet tooth without the sugar. She does not preach what you should or shouldn't eat, but rather works with you to find a solution. I began to lose weight quite noticeably within a short period of time but at a healthy rate (I am now 9 stone). The weight continues to come off me and, at my last doctor's appointment was told that my weight is spot on.



I would like to thank you for your help in getting me back to good health. My digestion has improved and my gut too - no more sore/inflamed feeling, just feels normal. I have learnt a lot and therefore I can manage my stress and eating habits better. I have no more anxiety towards food because I feel that I am well and so more confident. Thank you! 

L Tomas


I have suffered with IBS in varying forms for well over thirty years. Kirsten arranged laboratory stool testing for me which identified several imbalances and with this knowledge was able set up a staged dietary plan which also included gut supporting supplements to treat an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria and inflammation. I now suffer no longer and thank Kirsten for relieving me of my daily fight with IBS.



I was suffering from mild to extreme anxiety attacks for a couple years and although counselling sessions helped a little, it didn’t completely solve the problem. I knew my diet wasn’t well balanced but I never thought it would have an impact on my anxiety and sleep. Kirsten has prescribed me a number of supplements. I’m so bad at taking supplements religiously but I gave it a try. About 3 weeks into taking them I was sleeping so much better. Almost one year later and I haven’t had a single anxiety attack! Pandemic and all!!! Also, I reckon my crazy PMS mood swings have also levelled considerably. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Y Mills


I have been following your guidelines and it all works so well! I have lost 6kg [in under 8 weeks] and not missing at all any of the 'forbidden' food.



Thanks for being so thorough, empathetic and attentive in your consultations. I have been recommending you to friends.

Sarah W


Thank you so much for your amazing help. I have more energy and feel so much healthier than before! And my digestion is so much better too.



Feeling so much better now I'm eating properly it has changed my life so thank you.



I got put in touch with Kirsten by a mutual friend after my 14 year old son was struggling with fatigue and lack of energy post Covid. Kirsten so helpful, understanding and easy to talk to - made my son's condition easy to understand and explained what the supplements she advised would do. I am pleased to say that my son is feeling so much better. I have recommended Kirsten to other family members and friends who have been struggling post Covid and again what she has advised and recommended have really helped. Thank you, Kirsten.

E Newland


I contacted Kirsten after a series of distressing miscarriages whilst trying to conceive our second child. She put me on a tailor-made supplement protocol and addressed some dietary imbalances. I now have a second daughter and am very grateful for her help. She is also very kind and caring.



I contacted Kirsten to help me with my diet in general and to help alleviate symptoms of the menopause in particular.  Her recommendations were enormously beneficial and they definitely have a positive effect on my overall wellbeing. She has a sympathetic approach and I would definitely recommend her.



I just wanted to let you know that you have literally changed my life! From being constipated for 25 years, I am now going like a normal human being - thanks to your genius. I followed the advice you gave me and my stomach transformed in 4 days!! I've also lost a bit of weight too. I honestly can't thank you enough.



Just a quick line to thank you for your advice and guidance over the last few months. After suffering with IBS symptoms for the last ten years and afraid to go out of the house because of severe digestive upset much of the time, I now have my life back. I wish I had met you years ago

A Shaw

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