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As a qualified health practitioner with 15 years clinical experience, I'm able to provide engaging and tailored talks to corporations on many areas of interest; such as healthy eating, weight management and how simple changes to our diet can increase mood/productivity at work resulting in fewer sick days, and the prevention of chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. My main specialism is giving seminars on the area of stress, burn-out and mental health.



Reduction of employee stress levels and preventing and aiding recovery from burn-out, mental illness and other stress-related conditions.

Stress depletes nutrients needed for a healthy stress response and brain function. Unbalanced blood sugar levels upset our equilibrium, causing further stress on the body. And fatigue and cravings lead to poor dietary choices which can create a vicious circle. Nutritional interventions also aid recovery, well-being, resilience and performance and improve our gut health, which is linked to our brain health via the gut: brain axis.

Burn-out and mental illness are becoming increasingly common in our fast-paced, permanently switched on times and are an ever-increasing burden to both businesses through lost productivity and to the individual and their families. Thankfully awareness of burn-out and mental-illness in our workplaces and communities has grown hugely in recent years.

In addition to burn-out and mental illness (low mood, anxiety) there are many conditions associated with/adversely affected by chronic stress (with symptoms including fatigue, irritability, brain fog, poor concentration, body aches and pains, digestive complaints, insomnia, low immunity, hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, hypertension, cravings, weight around the middle). With estimates of 60-90 percent of all doctors’ visits being about stress-related issues.

All of which can lead to staff absenteeism and can profoundly affect staff productivity, morale and staff retention.

Having experienced and recovered from burn-out myself (anxiety and post-viral fatigue in 2007), I have a unique insight and empathy into how it can affect an individual.

Having helped hundreds of stressed out and chronically ill individuals working in high pressured environments, I can cover how to help prevent burn-out and dampen down an elevated stress response (acute stress is favourable, but chronic stress is not!) This will all be in a framework of how healthy eating - and ensuring you are getting key nutrients and rectifying any common nutritional deficiencies - can help support and nourish our brain and nervous system. I will also explore how to put measures in place to support other functions negatively impacted by chronic stress (our gut, immunity and endocrine system etc. take second place so we can flee from the perceived threat/tiger/work deadline). I also provide tips to reduce stress, increase performance and aid recovery via lifestyle interventions – all of which is delivered in a straight-forward, accessible manner.

I can also deliver a bespoke seminar according to the corporation’s own requirements.

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I can offer one-to-one consultations to any corporation keen for their employees to benefit from tailored advice to improve their well-being. I always ensure the advice is realistic and suitable for their individual health requirements, ethical considerations (eco-friendly) and their personal dietary choices (e.g. vegans/vegetarians who are ever increasing in number and often also present with nutritional deficiencies if adequate care is not taken)

Get in touch to discuss how I can tailor a talk for your company.

​Eat Yourself To Health

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