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Angelo D'Alberto MBAcC MATCM Acupuncture specialist in London, Bexley and Chislehurst.


Candice Habershon is an experienced yoga teacher, passionate about making yoga fun, approachable and inclusive. She teaches online classes and holds weekend retreats.


Claire Paul is an experienced coach with proven results. She uses a multi-disciplinary tailored approach and draws upon the principles of CBT and NLP coaching to help you develop a 'toolkit for life'.

Emma Johnson, psychologist- counselling, EFT, and hypnotherapy.


Fit Birds are women of all walks of life, specialising in pre & postnatal fitness classes and personal training. We fly together in the beautiful outdoors to banging tunes & good vibes.

Kate Stevens- Life coach who helps people unlock their potential on a walk and talk.

Personal trainer, Vicky Brown, who runs exercise classes for mums in Forest Hill, London:

Dr Michael Craig is a leading consultant psychiatrist in London treating mood disorders. He is also trained in obstetrics and gynaecology; and has a special interest in both perinatal and reproductive psychiatry.


Dr Howard Curtis is a gastroenterologist. He has a special interest in irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic liver disease and gastrointestinal endoscopy.


Dynamic Neural Retraining- to rewire the limbic system of the brain to provide relief from symptoms of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and long Covid


Kirsten’s article on Klamin - an extract of Klamath blue green algae, as a potent brain food

​Eat Yourself To Health

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